Activating methods in training – how to motivate to learn?


Activating methods in training – how to motivate to learn?

According to data from the Altkom Akademia report Training market in times of uncertainty, the TOP 3 most frequently chosen tools during training are: case studies, simulations and multimedia presentations. The last one are the most popular among generation Z. As many as 83% of respondents prefer this form of training. Traditional lectures are less desirable by employees who, infatuated with new ways of learning, have increasing expectations for online training. On the other hand, it is important for employers that the trainings are engaging and allow to verify their effectiveness. How to combine it? How to provide engaging training for employees? How to motivate them to study? Find out why activating methods in training can help with this and how to use them.

How to activate online training participants?

It’s time to dispel the most popular myth that e-learning training is just tiring, long online lectures or presentations „to click through”. A properly designed e-learning strategy can, and even should, support the involvement of participants and activate them to acquire knowledge. Solutions such as tailor-made training provide many more opportunities to enhance user experience. They enable the use of mechanisms of interaction, gamification or exercises, thanks to which the recipient is not just a passive observer and listener. It is the activating methods in training that support the process of acquiring knowledge.

Activating methods in training – how do they work?

Tailor-made trainings are designed on individual customer’s request. They make it possible to meet the expectations and needs of the company, so that the knowledge transferred is as effective as possible, and additionally it is presented in an attractive setting and form. Tailor-made trainings provide much more activating and engaging opportunities than traditional lectures, webinars or video trainings. For example, through the use of a number of techniques, tools, technologies or interactive multimedia.

The most frequently used activation methods in e-learning training are:

  • exercises,
  • quizzes,
  • tests,
  • surveys,
  • simulations,
  • educational games,
  • case studies,
  • animations,
  • gamification elements,
  • interactive elements and links,
  • pop-up windows,
  • balloons,
  • additional downloadable materials (e.g. checklists or auxiliary tasks).

But it is not everything. The introduction of modern technologies and VR/AR solutions to the training process is also a helpful and activating tool for the recipients.

Activating methods in training – why are they needed?

In the case of traditional training, the matter is simple when all participants are live together in one room. They have the opportunity to contact and cooperate. Should we give it up in online training? Of course not! The digital world creates completely different opportunities, both for working in groups and for activating participants. Activating methods in training are the basis without which no training has a chance of being effective.

Why are activating methods in training so important?

  • support the process of acquiring knowledge and employee development,
  • engage the participant to act and actively participate in the training,
  • contribute to better remembering of the transmitted content,
  • strengthen the motivation of the participant to complete the training,
  • help to preserve the most important information,
  • are much more effective than traditional lectures.

Activating and engaging training for your employees

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