CASE STUDY – time:matters

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CASE STUDY – time:matters

We have great pleasure in announcing the completion of yet another inspirational project of the comprehensive implementation of e-learning. This time, we cooperated with specialists who carry out transport services in a timely manner so as to deliver goods to their customers in any part of the world in the shortest possible time – time:matters

The head office is located in Germany, with branches in Austria, the Netherlands, Singapore, China and the United Arab Emirates. time:matters is constantly expanding its network and in 2017 is even more active and present in USA.

What is this project and what is it about?

The project’s aims were to meet the business needs of t:m. Due to its continuous development and the consequent increasing number of employees requiring training, including on-boarding and the scope of software used to service orders, there was a need to develop mechanisms and implement tools that would support managers and trainers in the training process while allowing them to focus on development tasks.

During the multi-stage process of customer needs research, workshops at the t:m branch in Amsterdam and the development of the implementation concept, it was agreed which elements should be realized in order to achieve the required results.

The process of launching the training methods has been divided into two stages:

  1. Launch of the cutting-edge system supporting the training process – LearnWay 3 with dedicated mechanisms including a tailored on-boarding process for new t:m employees.
  2. Production of dedicated e-learning materials, i.e. translating the current traditional training content into an appropriate e-learning format – animations, knowledge pills, application training, e-learning product training and others.

The implementation of the system for managing the training process has many tangible benefits:

  • Transferring the burden of planning and managing the training process
  • Developing development paths
  • On-boarding – general information about the company structure, its mission and vision, prevailing standards, workplace software packages and more.
  • Developing individual employee development paths – initially a new employee receives training material connected to the area in which they will work, and after passing this stage will gain access to a range of additional developmental content, from which they can freely choose elements that interest them or are in a field which they want to develop professionally thus leading their own personal development path. It will also be a great tool for managers who will be able to regularly monitor fields of development and offer career development options to employees in line with their interests.
  • Using the system on across devices – stationary (PC, laptop) and mobile (tablet, smartphone).
  • Adaptation of the system to the visual standards of the organization, including the use of characteristic markings and emblems, all in order to allow the recipient of the content and the system user to easily identify this virtual environment with daily tasks performed in the company.

What makes this project stand out?

The success of the project consists in cooperation with the client based on mutual trust and openness, which allows for the ongoing adaptation of tools to real needs, as well as the development of the system adapted to the changing environment in which t:m works.

time:matters appreciates GroMar’s commitment and openness in the process of creating dedicated solutions and openly promotes it, including in the company’s internal structures. The client appreciates the establishment of good relationships, which is exceptionally confirmed by cyclical meetings summarizing the previous activities.

The platform’s implementation process is ongoing – its planned completion should take place by the end of the year. The project’s specification provides for long-term cooperation with the client on other European markets.