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Employee development – why is it crucial in times of crisis?

Employees are the driving force of the company. Their development and professional competences are the basis for the organization’s success. That is why, especially in crisis situations, it is so important to provide employees with not only a sense of security, but also opportunities for development and additional challenges. Experienced and ready to act staff will help the company survive the difficult time. What development solutions are worth focusing on in 2023? How to care for employee development in times of crisis? We suggest below!

Employee development – what does the market say?

  • The lack of professional development opportunities is a strong motivating factor for changing jobs. Most employees would stay with the organization longer if it invested in their development.
  • Even 6 out of 10 HR experts for training believe that the budget for employee development in their company is too low, according to the GoodHabitz report „Balance of professional development”.
  • 20% of respondents indicate training as a factor supporting the creation of ideas and innovation, as evidenced by Antal and Sodexo data. In order to support the innovativeness of employees, companies invest in training and development of employees, but also in research and technology, and create a modern infrastructure in the organization.
  • Without qualified and developing staff, the company will not develop. According to Grant Thornton, 71% of medium and large companies claim that the lack of suitably qualified employees hinders their development. For 49% it is a strong or very strong barrier.

Staff shortages in companies are a powerful brake on its further development. In 2023, many companies are planning strong spending cuts. However, investing in employee development is not worth giving up, because only a qualified team will push the company forward. In order for an organization to survive a crisis, it needs experienced and ready to act staff. Especially in the era when attracting real talents to the organization is an increasing challenge, it is good to focus on appreciating employees and improving their competences.

How to support employee development?

What digital solutions are worth introducing in the company to support the development of employees? Which actions should you focus on in 2023? What solutions and tools to choose? Here are our suggestions:

  1. Tailor-made courses

The offer of online courses available on the market is huge. Everyone will find something for themselves in it, but they will also find something that they don’t like. And then there are tailor-made online courses, created especially for your company and its employees. Based on their competences, needs and adapted to all requirements and procedures of the organization. In 2023, in the post-pandemic reality, cybersecurity will be a very important area. How to pass on knowledge in a serious and difficult topic that will not be interesting for everyone? In addition to the substantive layer itself, its interactive form is also important. Tailor-made training allows you to use a number of activating methods, such as exercises, quizzes, simulations or elements of gamification, to strengthen the involvement and motivation of users. Thanks to interactive mechanisms, even topics that are not very accessible to recipients can become interesting and engaging.

  1. Employee games

Do you prefer a solution that will not resemble traditional online training in its form? Bet on employee games. Educational games will encourage employees to be more active, and at the same time help them consolidate knowledge on a given topic. Why? Because employee games, like computer games, use the mechanism of gamification. And it is the competition, the fight for victory, even in the form of a higher position in the ranking or the number of points, that gives greater motivation to act. In addition, employee games are a flexible development tool, thanks to which you will choose the best solution for your team. Educational games in the form of e-learning, quizzes, games of chance, earning points and more achievements will make the team more motivated to work. Do you want to know examples of employee games that we have implemented at GroMar? Check out our Instagram!

  1. Interactive multimedia

Training and educational games are not enough? Do you need even more sophisticated and surprising solutions? Choose interactive multimedia that will work in education and business, regardless of the industry. Multimedia is not only a great tool for presenting and transmitting any content. Multimedia projects go far beyond the area of ​​training, they will prove themselves in every target group, also among younger recipients. An interesting example of multimedia projects is the Mediateka in Piotrków Trybunalski, equipped with such attractions as a balloon flight simulator over the city, a virtual handball game or a mirror in augmented reality technology. Multimedia projects not only present the content in an attractive way, but above all they support their memorization.

  1. VR technology

In today’s world, when the concept of the metaverse raises more and more controversy, and life in the virtual world seems more real than not, VR technology simply cannot be ignored. Especially since VR/AR solutions are becoming more and more widely used, both in the area of ​​employee development and broadly understood business education. Immersive technologies affect many senses, make our experiences stronger and stronger. That is why they are so effective and desirable in the training process, because they help to strengthen the user experience. Education, medical, construction, customer service and sales, marketing, advertising, culture and entertainment. Virtual and augmented reality is used in other branches of the market, where it not only supports the development of employees, for example through an innovative form of learning, but also provides them with entertainment. Such a combination is a guarantee of greater effectiveness of the learning process.

Tools for the development of your organization’s employees

Are you looking for an effective solution for online employee development, but you have doubts about which one will work best? Contact us and arrange a free consultation with a GroMar expert. We will advise and create a solution especially for you. E-learning courses, educational game, mobile application. Or maybe another multimedia realization? Trust the experience of over 200 specialists in e-learning solutions: graphic designers, screenwriters, editors, camera operators, voiceovers, UX/UI designers, developers and many others. Let’s talk about how we can support the development of your employees.