How to implement feedback culture in your company?


How to implement feedback culture in your company?

Feedback is powerful. It supports the development of employees and the entire company. It facilitates the creation of effective career paths. Providing feedback, however, is not so easy, especially without appropriate tools for online feedback and preparing the organization for this form of communicating feedback.

How to implement feedback in the organization?

The feedback culture begins at the recruitment, e.g. online. Choose employees who are development-oriented, communicative, and also willing to work in the team and not afraid to express their opinion. Create a safe place for feedback – e.g. an online platform or a comfortable conference room where you can provide and receive feedback in a relaxed atmosphere. Invest in online and classroom training that will teach feedback for your employees. Actually, why do you need a culture of feedback in the company and what tools are worth using?

Why do I need a feedback culture in the company?

  • Greater engagement: employees feel they have an influence on the operation of the company
  • Greater control: you have all the information about your company in one place
  • Better performance: 92% of us believe that constructive criticism improves performance
  • More support: 72% of us indicate feedback from the boss as the greatest support in a professional career
  • More efficient onboarding: the employee knows from the very beginning what needs to be improved, and what he is doing very well
  • More good vibe: of course, if you give more positive feedback than negative, and worse, non-constructive, criticism

180° / 270° / 360° feedback surveys

Three types of research, 180, 270 and 360, allow you to compare the employee’s ratings and reviews from the perspective of himself, the supervisor, colleagues and subordinates. This method is used by the OCHNIK company.

Pulse check research

Keeping your finger on the pulse, i.e. pulse check research, is needed to monitor employee engagement. Of course, greater commitment means higher profits for the company. Ask your people for their opinion. Really worth it.

Internal messengers and discussion forums

Improving internal communication through messaging and discussion forums will allow you to create an aura in the company under the banner of “everyone knows everything”. Enough of secrets and misunderstandings between departments in the company. In addition, such a solution will ensure maximum security of corporate data, which will no longer leak to private e-mail boxes, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Seasonal ratings by coworkers, trainer or buddie

Especially in the onboarding process, the trainer or buddie function can significantly help to implement and evaluate the work of a new recruit during a trial period. It also gives the new employee great comfort – he has a specific person whom he can honestly and fearlessly ask about everything.

Competency tests

They will be useful both during recruitment and at a later stage of Employee development. They will provide you with full control over the knowledge acquired by your team.

Career paths

You can close it all in clear and structured career paths, created individually for each position or each Employee.

LearnWay: all feedback in one tool

Is there an online feedback software on the market that combines all these functionalities, and also protects data and ensures security with the greatest secrets of your company on the Internet? Yes, that’s exactly what we created the LMS LearnWay platform for. In one place you can:

  • recruit employees
  • share, create and analyze the effectiveness of online training
  • collect feedback in the form of surveys, research, in-depth interviews and tests
  • create career paths
  • improve internal communication through forums and messengers

Sounds interesting? If so, write to us and get access to the LearnWay demo.