What is Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and does it help HR specialists?

LMS, ATS, CRM, HRM – who can keep up with it? Software for companies spreads its wings from year to year. This time it is LXP, i.e. Learning Experience Platform. Yet few of us in the HR and e-learning industry have heard of such applications. Nevertheless, the global Learning Experience Platform market grows by over 50% year by year, generating 300 million dollars annually. What is the LXP platform and how can it help HR and L&D?

What is the LXP platform?

The LXP platform is a user-focused software that completely changes the face of the learning & development (L&D) industry, which is designed to make onboarding, the development and career paths and process as easy as possible, and greater engagement in the organization among new and current employees.

How is LXP (Learning Experience Platform) different from LMS (Learning Management System)?

  • a modern, mobile-friendly interface that looks more like Netflix or YouTube, not a typical e-learning platform
  • everything inside the LXP software is to be user-oriented, more than in the LMS software
  • more automation, artificial intelligence and personalization on the LXP platform
  • knowledge management by users, not administrators
  • greater engagement and better experiences for employees
  • several online tools in one = one license fee

Features and capabilities of the LXP platform

Building a community

Interactions between platform users – your company’s employees – are the key to the success and popularity of LXP in your organization. If the LXP platform gains the recognition of your team at the very beginning, in the future it will be much more willingly used on a daily basis for learning, development and internal communication. Forums, polls, chats, project groups – these functionalities should be included in the LXP platform.

Integration with CRM, HRM and other online company tools

The priority for LXP is to penetrate and take root into the entire corporate online ecosystem, and it will not remain just another external tool, in no way related to the others that have been used so far.

UX and UI prepared especially for users

The experiences and interface in LXP should be oriented and designed strictly for the user and individually for the needs of each business, i.e. user-centric and business-centric.

Personalization: career and development paths

On the LXP platform, HR specialists, together with algorithms supported by AI, i.e. artificial intelligence, can design development and career paths. Then, the machine itself will select the content and online training for the employee that will correspond to his role in the company, hobby, or the user’s interactions with LXP so far (taking into account, for example, which e-trainings he completed and which he assessed positively).

Combination of LMS and ATS

The LXP platform can combine the functionalities of the classic LMS and the recruitment ATS platform (Applicant Tracking System). Then the HR department can recruit and verify new employees in one tool, and then automatically join them to specific development, knowledge and career paths.

Recommendations: highlighting the best trainings

A bit like “Trending” on YouTube, TOP 10 movies on Netflix or well-known radio charts. On the LXP platform, there should be a section with the most popular or the best materials, which, thanks to the power of social proof (“If everyone chooses it, I should also…”), will viral reach other employees. Easy to find = easy to consume.

Providing external material

The greater the variety of materials and forms of knowledge transfer, the better. The LXP platform should include internal training, created by e-learning experts or trainers from your company, but also external content, from professional training companies specializing in the selected field. Video learning, social learning, podcasts, e-books, SCORM training and much, much more.

Self-published content: content from Employees

The LXP platform should create space for materials produced by employees of the organization. A great solution can be a company podcast from Employees for Employees or guides and tips from middle managers for new employees in the form of simple onboarding training. LXP should have a training e-course editor that is accessible to everyone and easy to use.


How to use the marketplace in LXP? Your employees can receive internal loyalty points for participating in specific activities, for special services for the company or for the completion of specific tasks. Then, on the LXP platform, they could exchange them for specific awards (e.g. a cinema voucher) or additional, certified training with external companies. Such scoring would also be competitive and gamification – on the LXP platform you can show the ranking of Employees who scored the most points, and in exchange for the highest records, the CEO of your company would give the “medalists” appropriate awards once a quarter.

Analytics and reporting

The analytical panel in LXP should be full of dashboards and hard data, presented in visually nice charts and tables. All statistics should be generated automatically in real time, as in Google Analytics.

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