Effective and engaging LearnWay Courses tailored to meet the needs of your company

Provide knowledge and strengthen the educational experience of your employees

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Have the courses tailored for the exact needs of your employees

Raise the learning results by making the learning experience unforgettable

Let the learning mechanisms work to your advantage.

Design your unique courses and employ social learning and gamification to your educational processes. Prepare your employees for any professional situation by mapping them in a virtual space.

Provide the highest quality and professional implementation of e-training.

Take care of substantive content from the best experts and an attractive and engaging visual form.


Use various techniques and forms of training.

From simple presentations, through interactive plots, to training games, and even simulations in AR and VR.

Increase the effectiveness of the training process.

As well as the commitment and satisfaction of the employees themselves. Knowledge in a multimedia and interactive form will encourage them to gain knowledge and each training will be a real pleasure.

We work with the best technological tools that we adapt to the capabilities, hardware and software of your organization

  • LMS LearnWay platform
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Lectora
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Adobe Captivate
  • HTML5
  • VR/AR
  • 2D and 3D models and animations
  • Virtual walks
  • 360 ° photos and videos
  • Drones and filming „from a bird’s eye view”

Check out the examples of our selected implementations

Learn more about the various materials and techniques that we use in Learnway Courses

From simple and easy animations or illustrations

To more advanced and various projects with VR or drones


Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

An online course is a content full of interactives, graphics, animations, tasks and test elements.

The online course and the LMS are separate concepts, yet interdependent. A platform with implemented courses guarantees better user engagement and increases effectiveness of learning processes. In the LearnWay LMS you can include your internal training materials. It may be different type of files you already have: video, PDFs, instructions, etc or you can order courses from the software provider. You can create a new course in SCORM technology as well.

We create our trainings in Lectora and Storyline tools using HTML5. We save all courses in the SCORM standard. Formerly they were prepared in Flash technology, but now Flash trainings stop working. More about this here. If you already have some Flash trainings, we will quickly and efficiently convert them for you to HTML5, actually the most popular and useful technology.

SCORM is a standard that describes from a technical point of view the creation of e-courses and learning materials and methods of their communication with e-learning platforms. SCORM “tells” programmers how to implement SCORM packages (something like .zip files) on different LMS platforms. SCORM uses JavaScript to communicate with the platform and XML to write metadata such as results.

Online training, e-books or multimedia lessons prepared according to the SCORM standard can be implemented on any e-learning platform e.g. LearnWay LMS. SCORM training courses can be ordered from a professional e-learning training vendor or created by yourself with an intuitive training editor such as LearnWay E-course Editor.

For example: developing a training consisting of 50 screens, depending on their level of sophistication, content and interactivity, will take us from two weeks to two months. Creating a dedicated e-learning platform from scratch for your company lasts a week.

Creating each training is divided into 3 stages: scenario, visualization and programming. At each stage, you should be able to view ongoing work. Each of them ends with acceptance by

the client. Thanks to this, you get what you really expected and the supplier knows how to hit the brief and concept.

Below is an example schedule of activities, where we closed the whole project in a month:

Creation 19.09 – 27.09 5 GroMar
Verification 27.09 – 28.09 2 Company X
Comments 28.09 1 GroMar
Final acceptance 02.10 1 Company X
Visualization of the first 10 screens 21.09 – 28.09 4 GroMar
Visualization verification 30.09 1 Company X
Comments 02.10 1 GroMar
Other visualizations 03.10 – 08.10 4 GroMar
Preparation of the final software of the entire training module based on the accepted scenario and visualization 03.10 – 09.10 5 GroMar
Training verification 10.10 – 11.10 2 Company X
Comments 11.10 1 GroMar
Final acceptance of the training 14.10 1 Company X


We can prepare training on any topic. Over our 20 years of activity, we’ve done everything. From ready-made trainings, containing universal knowledge for each organization, to those created from scratch based on research and content provided by the client.

Most often, customers ask for training on issues such as:

  • Personal data protection,
  • Health and safety,
  • Harassment,
  • Cyber ​​security,
  • IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive),
  • Office Suite support (e.g. Excel),
  • Specific procedures in the company.

You have a few options. Firstly, remember of the quality of training. Find the right e-course provider who will prepare creative and modern solutions for your company. Ensure the quality and attractiveness of courses for your employees and they will ask for more.

Secondly, try out the gamification process. Create a kind of game with the training system in your company, where your employees could gain new points and achieve new levels. They may exchange their points for prizes, e.g. additional vacation days, integration events or extra external trainings.

Last but not least, with your Learning Management System you can create a set of prestigious internal certificates for your employees. The certificates will be automatically generated and downloaded by the trainee after finishing selected trainings.

Not necessarily. If you want to connect the newly created platform to your systems (e.g. CRM, HRM, Payroll), then yes, their support will be needed. However, if you are thinking about an external application that will not be associated with any proprietary software, your IT specialists will not participate in the preparations.