Do you need educational materials or elearning tools but don’t have suitable resources?

We are here for you!

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Trust our over 22 years of experience in elearning and multimedia realisations

What we can do for you?

01. Elearning platform, LMS (Learning Management Systems)

We can deliver you your own ready-made elearning platorm. With various features, personalised it to your needs, in white label model

02. Multimedia content

Looking for modern forms of presenting your products to the market? Want to present learning materials in attractive and eye-catching way?

03. VR/AR Technology

Explore the possibility of immersive technologies like virtual or augmented reality. Use them to present your offer or products, improve engagement and learning experience.

04. Mobile apps

You need special tools to catch up with your employees, clients or business partners? An extraoridnary solution which always will be within reach? Even if your teams are distracted in many different localisations?

We will help you to deliver materials in different technologies, using modern tools and various multimedia

Why us?

  • We have created the biggest educational platform for the Polish Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Know-how on managing multiple projects for different contractors.
  • Excellent communication and support during the contract.
  • Huge network of metithorical experts in many fields.