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Successfully manage the development of your teams

LearnWay LMS and LearnWay Courses support all the HR processes

Learning and Development

Invest in human capital growth. Develop the competences and practical skills of your employees. Increase the value of your business.

Talent Management

Manage the talents of your teams. Design their special career and development paths. Recruit the best of the best to work in your organisation.


Ensure effective and quick adaptation of the new employees. Develop their sense of mission and engagement from the very first day. Improve the quality and standards of work.

Internal Communication

Create a secure and versatile online platform for internal communication with chats, discussion forums and video conferences.

Feedback & Assessment

Provide appropriate feedback to your employees. Reward them and identify the elements that should be focused on and improved.

Knowledge sharing

Protect the company know-how and create your internal wiki with easy and safe access to knowledge for the employees. Design the learning experience and provide your employees with unforgettable courses that will boost their results.


The experienced partner that will lead you through the elearning challenges.


01. Knowledge

We will help you provide the necessary knowledge and online tools for employees. We will make educational processes simpler, faster and more effective. We guarantee complementary solutions and design the entire process together with you.

02. Technology

We use a spectrum of possibilities in the field of modern technologies, elearning, VR / AR. We support innovative methods of transferring knowledge and developing competences. We implement projects thanks to which the future of online education changes for the better.

03. Full support

You can count on our implementation assistance and dedicated personal service. We provide technical support and ongoing contact at every stage of project work, which is confirmed by 97% of satisfied customers.

About us

We are a company with rich and comprehensive experience in creating digital solutions for education. Since 1999 we have been implementing projects for large and respected companies in Poland and Europe, we provide tools for business and employee development, but also to support teaching processes in schools and universities. We have created our proprietary LMS LearnWay platform, but also one of the largest educational platforms for education in Poland – Integrated Educational Platform.

We specialize in elearning, but we take up every challenge related to the use of modern technologies in education: VR, AR, 2D and 3D models and animations, 360° photos and videos.

In 2020, we joined the group of 50 fastest growing companies in Central Europe according to Deloitte.

The combination of rich experience and a wide range of competences of our experts allows us to provide comprehensive solutions based on the highest standards and meet the expectations of even the most demanding.


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Developers: IT, HR and elearning specialists


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