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The features to boost up the effectiveness in your organisation

LearnWay LMS

Manage online knowledge like a pro. Import users, add training materials, measure employees progress and engagement. Track every stage of learning process.

Webinars & video conferences

Organise video broadcasts for employees and clients. Plan online meetings, interactive presentations with chat, whiteboard and breaking rooms.

E-course Editor

Create your own internal online training in the SCORM technology. Uses videos, animations, graphics, elements of gamification, tests and excercises.

Learning Automation

Speed up training processes. Plan to publish the trainings automatically and send the reminders to participants of an upcoming course date.



Define the sets of basic trainings, documents and procedures that a newcomer shall get familiar with and grant the access to it with one click.

Feedback and Assessment

Apply tests and surveys to help employees understand their strengths and competences demanded on their work position.


Make work, development and implementation of new competences in your company fun, not an unpleasant necessity.


Multiple report types enabling you to track and focus on different aspects of learning processes. Easily adaptable to serve your compliance procedures.


Knowledge Base

Keep your organizational memory resources in a safe place. Back up all the company’s know how in a structured, accessible form of internal wiki.

Tests and surveys

Keep an eye on your employees ideas and opinions with simple and intuitive tools for testing and surveying. Create polls, finish each lesson with a test monitoring the knowledge.

Career & Development Paths

Uncover the goals and provide your employees with clear training and promotion plans. Support them in developing necessary competences.


Save time creating automatically generated certificates that a trainee can download after finishing a course or passing a test.


High security and SLA level

Protect the company data and internal knowledge. Ensure the secure access to the platform with individuall user accounts, logins and passwords.

Mobile APP

Empower your teams with mobile elearning. Use LearnWay LMS mobile application for iOS and Android systems. Continue blended learning beyond the desktop.

Multidevice and Accessibility

Easy access from all over the world and all the devices that can connect to the internet.


Integrate LearnWay LMS with your internal systems like Payroll or HRM system. Connect LMS with Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams. Increase the involvement of training participants.


The features to boost up the effectiveness


Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

A Learning Management System is an application designed for administering, documenting, creating, reporting, and providing courses. It supports the work of HR departments and helps to achieve incoming goals and growth in business by implementing eLearning strategies. It suits the needs of companies from both the private and public sectors.

An online course is a content full of interactives, graphics, animations, tasks and test elements.

The online course and the LMS are separate concepts, yet interdependent. A platform with implemented courses guarantees better user engagement and increases effectiveness of learning processes. In the LearnWay LMS you can include your internal training materials. It may be different type of files you already have: video, PDFs, instructions, etc or you can order courses from the software provider. You can create a new course in the SCORM technology as well.

It depends. There is no definitive answer to this question. We have implemented elearning projects with budgets ranging from several thousand up to several million dollars. Both SMEs and the largest corporations in Poland and Europe have implemented their own platforms. To conduct the elearning processes in the company, you need both LMS and courses. That’s why the elearning costs may vary and depends on the number of employees to be trained and if the additional training materials are needed to be delivered. The elearning provider can create courses especially for the requirements of your company. It may include content developed by educators, animations, graphics, elements of gamification, e-games, tests and much, much more. This is a completely different effect and a new quality compared to PowerPoint or Prezi. What is more, previously prepared courses in case of employee rotation can be presented to the new employees again. Then the cost already spent in the long term becomes an investment.

Let’s calculate the costs of a one-day traditional coaching conference:

  • Renting a conference room in a large city for 8 hours for 100 people: 1500–2000 Euros / day
  • Branch specialist / coach: 1000–1500 Euros / day
  • Specialist-celebrity, trainer known in the selected industry: 2500–5000 Euros / day
  • Conference catering: 30–50 Euro / person (100 people = 3000–5000 Euros)

Adding the above amounts comes to a minimum of 8000–13 500 Euros. We didn’t add the logistics costs and their work time costs yet. A total of 100 people would spend about 20 000 Euros.

With this budget, you can order a lot more online training courses with a wider range of content. Employees can complete courses at any time and in any place. Each of them ends with a test and results you can easily analyze.

All courses are integrated within the LMS. If you have ever used a CRM system, it will be a completely natural environment for you. For computer beginners this type of application should not also cause any problems.

Most of the trainings has its teacher, tutor – an animated character that appears on the slides and guides participants through the learning journey. The tutor helps to move through the training paths and explains the educational content.

Do you want to see sample trainings? Contact us via form. We may send you an e-mail with package of ready-made trainings for review.

First of all we are happy to greet you among the companies satisfied with their eLearning system. Please start with completing the form so that our representative can contact you. You will be asked a couple of questions and guided through the process most convenient to your situation.

You have a few options. Firstly, remember of the quality of training. Find the right e-course provider who will prepare creative and modern solutions for your company. Ensure the quality and attractiveness of courses for your employees and they will ask for more.

Secondly, try out the gamification process. Create a kind of game with the training system in your company, where your employees could gain new points and achieve new levels. They may exchange their points for prizes, e.g. additional vacation days, integration events or extra external trainings.

Last but not least, with your Learning Management System you can create a set of prestigious internal certificates for your employees. The certificates will be automatically generated and downloaded by the trainee after finishing selected trainings.

Not necessarily. If you want to connect the newly created platform to your systems (e.g. CRM, HRM, Payroll), then yes, their support will be needed. However, if you are thinking about an external application that will not be associated with any proprietary software, your IT specialists will not participate in the preparations.

Don’t worry about the hardware. Probably you already have all the necessary equipment to implement elearning and online trainings in your organisation. The ordinary PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones are enough. If you are looking for new equipment dedicated to e-courses, please contact us and we will gladly share our recommendations.

Implementing the LMS will help your organization to grow. It will support your employees from the very beginning. Start with onboarding processes, improve the engagement, assist in training programmes and take care of user experiences. With LearnWay LMS your company will overcome all the learning challenges.