Explainer Video – What is it and how it supports gaining knowledge


Explainer Video – What is it and how it supports gaining knowledge?

Nowadays, video marketing is a powerful tool for companies and institutions that are looking for a way to convey complex ideas in an accessible way. One of the video forms that particularly increases the audience’s involvement is explainer videos, which skillfully combine creative storytelling and specific substantive content. Regardless of whether you organize specialized training for your teams or launch a new product on the market, explanatory videos should not escape your attention. In this article, we analyze a number of benefits of using explainers and point out why they should be part of your e-learning training or sales strategy.

Explainer video – What is it?

An explainer video is a type of instructional video that aims to explain a specific topic or mode of action of the product in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand way.

Typically, explainers are short videos that last from several dozen seconds to several minutes. They very often use creative graphics, animations, 3D models, virtual walks, videos and other visual techniques to convey information in the most attractive form.

Explanatory videos are a popular marketing and e-learning tool that enables organizations and institutions to quickly provide knowledge about their products and services. Explainer videos are also used to educate company employees, present projects and complex information in the simplest possible way.

Usage of explainer videos

Explanatory videos have a range of uses in practically every industry. In online teaching, they are an effective multimedia tool that significantly improves the effectiveness of absorbing knowledge. Below we present the most popular applications of explainers, which are currently appreciated by modern organizations both in external and internal activities. Here are the types of explanatory videos.

Explaining procedures and legal regulations

Imagine a pile of documents containing the most important and complex company procedures. Handing them over to employees in a traditional, paper form is difficult and expensive, and also requires a lot of time to familiarize yourself with the material. Explainer video can quickly solve this problem, also in the context of familiarizing teams or clients with complex legal regulations.

The video can also present a variety of internal rules, including safety rules in online health and safety training, which apply to working with specific materials or machines, as well as discuss potential risks at the workplace and how to avoid them.

Process demonstration

Explanatory videos can be helpful in presenting important processes in an organization. Explainers show these processes step by step, so that the employee can understand all their stages. Moreover, it is possible to explain difficult terms related to a specific topic here.

A creative video presenting tedious processes can also use elements of storytelling. It is by giving the film an appropriate plot that it will be possible to acquire knowledge faster.

Presentation of products, services and business specifics

Explainer videos are a great way to explain the functionality of products and the specificity of services offered by a given company. Thanks to this kind of multimedia project, you can quickly show how specific solutions work, as well as the benefits of their use, contribute to increasing customer involvement and making more informed purchasing decisions.

Explainers are also an irreplaceable element of any promotional, marketing and image-building activities. They can present missions, visions, values, business goals and ideas of companies, as well as serve as short corporate, recruitment or advertising films.

An example of a sales explainer video is a production made by GroMar for Sorbel Group, which provides consultancy and education services in sales. Explainer presents the organization’s main advertising slogan and encourages visitors to visit its website.

Skills improvement

Explanatory videos are commonly used in company training programs and online training that provide employees with e-learning knowledge that fills competency gaps. Explainers may concern soft skills, i.e. negotiations, communication skills or building organizational culture. Video can also support teams in onboarding processes, training required by law, and even show how to use new tools and indicate best practices for their use.

All you have to do is embed them on the convenient LMS LearnWay e-learning platform, which explainer we present below.

Mobile learning

Explainer videos are irreplaceable in remote online training and in the mobile learning, which means learning using mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets. Short instructional and training videos, packed with substantive content, are quick doses of knowledge that can be acquired at an express pace, e.g. during a break between daily duties at work or a business trip by train.

The most popular types of explanatory videos in m-learning include: condensed video-tutorials, training in a nutshell in the form of animations, as well as interactive videos, thanks to which trainees can learn by clicking on various elements of the video (hotspots) and receiving feedback.

Why explainer videos are worth using?

The use of explainer videos by companies and institutions can bring many benefits. Here are the most important of them.

Increased engagement in training processes

According to the Meltwater – Digital 2023 Global Overview Report, over 43% of people around the world use online videos as a source of learning. Video learning engages recipients much more than traditional training content, e.g. in the form of simple presentations or e-books. This is due to the fact that explanatory videos bring ease of absorbing information. It is this feature that makes the viewers, even before starting to watch the film, expect uncomplicated training content that will achieve its educational goal even in a few minutes.


Explainers in video training, thanks to the use of visual and audio stimulation, are suitable for different learning styles, including visual and auditory learners. Mobile versions of explanatory films with interactive elements will be appreciated by kinesthetic and sensory learners. Different types of films and a range of available technological solutions mean that each employee can absorb information in their own way.

Increasing sales and effective communication with contractors

Explainers are visual multimedia that attract the attention of customers, and at the same time allow them to show them what you offer and the benefits of using your services or products. A professionally prepared explanatory film also builds positive associations with the brand and allows for efficient sharing of knowledge with contractors. It can also become part of extensive product training in the online formula, as well as increase effectiveness in the context of accelerating purchasing decisions.

Time and cost saving

Explanatory films generate a number of savings in companies and institutions, e.g. through the possibility of training employees in a shorter time. In the case of customers, they improve the understanding of how a product or service works, reduce the number of inquiries from customers, so that people from service departments can allocate time to perform other duties.

Explainers also optimize the sales process, attract more potential customers, and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In internal communication, they speed up the transfer of information between employees.

Facilitating access to substantive content for people with disabilities

Explanatory videos that meet digital accessibility standards respond to the needs of people with disabilities better than traditional sources of information. For example, people who are deaf or hard of hearing can use explainer videos with subtitles or videos with sign language translation. In turn, providing information in an easy-to-understand form can help to equalize the playing field and reduce communication barriers. In this way, the organization gains more attractiveness to the job candidates, and builds the image of a company in which inclusive culture is of great importance.

If you don’t already have WCAG-compliant video, check out why digital accessibility policies are worth using in your company.

Explainer video for your company

Are you planning to produce explanatory videos? Do you want to create a unique and easy to remember explainer video with a perfect scenario that you will use in your online trainings? Or maybe you need engaging multimedia projects that will attract new customers and improve the sales of your products and services? Contact our specialists and check what we can do for you.